Staff & Leadership

Dr. Phil Schmunk, Lead Pastor & Wife Donna

Our Pastor ~ Dr. Phil Schmunk

On December 20, 2015 the congregation of First Christian Church officially invited Phil to be the permanent Lead Pastor of FCC. He lives in North Port, FL with his wife Donna, who is a 3rd grade teacher at Lamarque Elementary School in North Port. Phil and Donna have three children and four grandchildren. Phil has served in ministry for well over 35 years serving at churches in Denver, CO; Minneapolis, MN; Longview, WA; Rochester, NY; and most recently Venice, FL. Phil’s life verse is Jeremiah 20:9. Come and meet Pastor Phil, he would love to get to know you.

Church Elders

Paul Vachon, Lead Elder
Dane DeSantis
Mike Guercio
Susan Miller
Theresa Staffeldt
Brad Vandeventer

Church Diaconate

(L to R) Mike Guercio, Susan Guercio, Sonia Crisafulli (Head Diaconate), Sue Miller, Mari Sutherlin, Joe Della Valle

The Diaconate assist the Elders of our church to lead the people of God to be obedient servants. The words “Deacon”, “Deaconess” and “Diaconate” all spring from the common Greek root – diakonia or service. Very early in its history the Church instituted an order of ministers to personify or focus the servanthood to which all Christians are called. The Diaconate were sent out by God to do various duties including, but not limited to:

1. Participate in the leadership of prayer worship
2. Demonstrate concern for love, justice and freedom
3. To be present with the troubled in spirit
4. To serve the poor, the sick, and the oppressed
5. To encourage all Christians to be in ministry and in service to the community
6. To take communion to the sick and the shut-ins
7. To embody the unity of the congregation’s worship with its life in the world
8. To be a coworker with the other Diaconate, Elders and Pastors

Church Staff

Kathie McManus, Church Administrator

Kathie is a Canadian native.  She is married and has two sons, Jaxon and Joshua. She joined the church in 2007 and has been very involved in our church as a volunteer. She brings strong values and brings a positive attitude to our office staff.

Mark Heise, Youth Minister

Mark had always been very involved with church youth programs on a voluntary basis.  When the church identified that there was a need for a formal Youth Minister position, Mark was the first and last choice.  He has an incredible rapport with young people and continues to expand the church’s youth offerings.

Billy Day, Worship/Technical Coordinator

Billy Day has been involved in music ministry since 1990. He is a graduate of The American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, IL. Billy has a passion for delivering God’s word through music and speaks directly from the heart.